Do I have to be a member to take quizzes?
No, anyone can take a quiz regardless of their membership and will automatically be designated an immediate login after completion.

How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?
Visit our unsubscribe Page for more information.

Can I make my own quizzes?
Yes, all members of BoredQuiz that are capable of creating quizzes, polls, tests, and surveys are invited to share there work to the public.

How do I share my work with people outside of the community?
You will be given a link immediately after you create any work on BoredQuiz. You may also find all of your work listed when you login and view your profile.

How do I rate quizzes?
After completing a quiz a new page will appear where in you can rate the quiz you have done taking. Every examiner has his own choice to rate the quiz or not. The lowest rating is 1 star and the highest rating is 5 stars.

When will my quiz show up on BoredQuiz?
Immediately after you create your quiz, you can access your quiz and it is available to be taken to the public. BoredQuiz has an algorithm that takes created quizzes and lists them on the front page based on.

How old do I have to be to take or make a quiz?
You must be over the age of 13 to participate on BoredQuiz. Mark your calender and celebrate your turning of age with us by taking one of our Happy Birthday Quizzes.

How do I search for a quiz?
After logging in to BoredQuiz, you can see a search box located on the right side of the screen page. Place the name of the quiz you are looking for and press search it button.

What kind of media can I have in my results?
What kind of media can I have for my results? Currently, available media for your results are images and text only, but we will enable recorded video soon with future updates.

Do quizzes have categories?
, categories are essentially a visual way to organize our quizzes and set the general topic of a Quiz. Currently we are integrating this feature for moderators ONLY.

How do I become a moderator?
Moderator's must take a test on BoredQuiz, and achieve a perfect score to be invited into the moderator program. We will review all of the community members who pass. You may also leave us feedback as to why you would be an intregal part of our team.

How do quizzes become popular?
Popularity is based upon ratings and number of users who took the test. Other options will include sharing your quiz to your friends, advertising in your blogs and websites will attract more people to take your quiz and gain popularity.

How do I register?
Visit Registration Page and create a username, or take one of our quizzes and check your email for initial registration instructions.

How do I make advertisements go away?
By registering and logging into BoredQuiz, you will remove yourself from the intermediate advertisements within the quizzes.

What are Tags?
Tags are popular keywords throughout BoredQuiz sized by density. These keywords categorize different kinds of quizzes. For example: the tag analogy contains analogical quiz only. A word that appears frequently will be larger than the word that is less common.

How do I get the help video to work?
Every user is required to have a flash player installed on their computer to run the help video. If you don't have flash player installed on your computer you can download it here: Flash Player

What is "My History"?
My History lists all of the recent quizzes that you have taken, the quizzes you have taken accompanied by their results, and the comments you have left.

What are Comments?
Comments are written feedback that are given by the examiner after taking the quiz. These are messages that you and your readers can append to your quiz entry. Anyone can write a comment about an entry, including you!

Do Comments effect my quizzes?
Comments do not affect your quizzes, they are only written feedbacks from the examiners and serves as reflection to your quiz.

I didn't get my join email, what do I do?
Often email filters and overbearing spam settings will block or not permit our join email to come through. You may try requesting your password, rejoining with a different email account, or sending us an email directly to members@boredquiz.com to help you with this issue.

How can I change my account settings?
To edit your account settings, visit user settings


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